Ayushman Bharat (YAKKPS)

Message From Chairman Desk

"Yoga is way to reduce" release tensions and stress, engage in physical activity, and be one with their minds. A sport is usually defined as a physical activity that has a competitive component.

A 2013 study by researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit, USA found that one session of yoga significantly improved an individual's speed and accuracy when tested on their memory and concentration. In fact, those that did yoga performed better than people that had been for a 20-minute jog

Our Moto is to serve the one’s who deserve youth are the inevitable source of India which are the leader and what we lead them to is how the will lead the future. Our organization is willing to work on a mission which and compasses to fulfill the varied requirements of the youth such as fitness skills educational guiedness to ensure that they are well aware of the option which can be avail by them either supported by our government or as per personal interest. Students should have access to all the existing opportunities and that they are upgraded upcoming once. The youth also need to be inspired to righteousness and perfection there problems and confusion are untangled steps by steps and probably by our organization as well create anonymous. We believe that our youth are the building blocks of the nation and they are the one’s who are a vital key in shaping our future youth deserve a better clarity in their vision and have the right to stay fit to ensure that they can achieve better. Our organization is resilient that our youth ought to cross the barriers such as lack of appropriate skills, lake of financial support and guidance youth shall be provided with adequate and best guidance and teaching specially in the field of sports. As sports are symbol of strength and to rejuvenate our seems and ensure that the uncontrolled thoughts are never miss guided rather molded in a multidirectional positivity which will be the steps towards success our organization is working for social Couse for the youth of the nation. Which out numbers and will one day be the representated of the nation. We guide them for their success and provided them the perfect path which we lead them to what they require is what we acquire.

Ayushman Bharat Rojgar Yojna in not only provide the job for our studens. Ayushman Bharat Rojgar Yojna provide the platform of our young students to motivate, inspire and personality development.

Chairman of Ayushman Bharat (YAKKPS)