Ayushman Bharat (YAKKPS)

About Us

Ayushman Bharat Yog awam Khel-Kood Prashikshan Sansthan is a leading organization aiming to Work on the majority of our population i.e. The Youth. We have been working on varied fields Which are related to the amplification of youth’s energy and redirecting it towards success and Positivity our arenas include Sports, Yoga, Disaster management, Fire fighting and Scouting ensuring guidance in education, Fitness and every other restrictions so as they receive the remarkable knowledge as per their choice and then protect their high caliber by also assisting them. There is a suitable work environment for them, we do providing them Placement we are a team with a motive to give our best at everything we do our team has professional trainers, coaches, Teachers, Counselors, are highly skilled and wants to be the best providers honesty, practicality and making the dreams chase reality for the youth is our main goal.

Life With Ayushman

Your Trust in Ayushman Bharat is a Mutual Benefit Which Has Perks such as a Stress Free future individual has varied options to choose from their area of interest our training program provide with the value by certifications which are authorized and well known. Hustle free comfort of higher chances of secreting the chosen skill by a job. Your Life with Ayushman Bharat is memorable and filled with joys and guides to enlighten the best you can achieve is what we work our best for. The youth will be associated in using their energy in actions which will serve a cause. Our categories are mostly associated with careers which are either for improving their fitness and chasing goals or working for a social cause.

We provide a platform where youngsters from disadvantaged sections of the society get an opportunity to showcase their talent in sports and foster it as a mean of livelihood. We plan to teach them the importance of character and personality building. We are empowering and preparing leaders also nearly as good citizens. there's a definite improvement attending in schools, academic performance, increased participation in sports, and better awareness about health and hygiene.

Build the capacity of students working for equal rights and an improved quality of life.

Organize sports and recreation activities for children and youth, together with non- disabled peers to facilitate the inclusion of youth with disabilities into the community.