आयुष्मान भारत रोजगार योजना


The essence of Ayushman Bharat Rojgar Yojna, which plays a significant and remedial role in balancing the academic and sports education for students than we are decide a scheme to developed our students meditation power and her potential to increase for personality development Fit India and Make in India. Since students of India are its most valuable resource, for our country than we approach to change students skill with this yojna our billion-strong nation needs the nurture and care in the form of basic education to achieve a better quality of life.

The organization is driven by the mission to facilitate the method of making an enabling environment for youngsters to exercise their right to play, and make a a network to elevate them. Its vision is to guide youth for his or her holistic development by channelizing their energy towards meaningful activities, thus bringing about positive and constructive thinking that leads to prosperity. Yoga is a crucial a part of students' life they supply a mentally and physically strongest to our student's discipline that seers and saints are practicing since past to bring flexibility to the spine and joints, to stay the muscles of the body pliable and youthful, increase circulation in arteries and strengthen internal organs. And yet, yoga is such a lot quite this. Yoga has been said to assist strengthen the facility of concentration, to banish constipation, relieve stomach disorders, improve muscle coordination and reduce excess body fat. India may be a country with quite a billion population of scholars with an upscale heritage and a bright future. it's constantly marching ahead with new ideas and technologies after its independence from the colonial rule. the life-style of scholars has become more stressful and lifestyle disorders like obesity, sleep disturbances, high vital sign , psychosomatic diseases, diabetes, and heart diseases are on the increase . India has acquired the designation of the Diabetic capital of the planet . Ayushman Bharat Yog Awam Khel-Kood Prashikshan Sansthan to require any action for our youth and our way forward for country means children to combat the life-style disorders and diseases, then we are announced an Ayushman Bharat Rojgar Yojna has taken a lead and commenced an Ayushman Bharat Yoga and Sports Teachers with an outsized scale vacancy for Uttar Pradesh schools.

Ayushman Bharat Yog Awam Khel-Kood Prashikshan Sansthan provides a platform and makes an architecture to develop the skill of scholars and that they specialize in sports activity also with our academic education programs include training camps, tournaments, and championships, thus providing a platform for these children to hone their skills and showcase their talent. Ayushman Bharat (YAKKPS) taps into the potential talent and provides the chance to climb up the steps of social empowerment and shape character by inculcating a sense of belongingness in society. a number of the Ayushman Bharat (YAKKPS) beneficiaries are currently playing at different levels and earn laurels for the country.